Besides many performances designed especially for certain events Sergej Mohntau have developed shows to be performed several times. Following you can find short descriptions of these shows.

"Ballerina Waschmaschina Suite"
(washing machine suite) 2003
Electronic music for a dancing washing mashine.

"doves are grey"
Music with pigeons, forced to play guitar and drum. A concert together with the animals.

"Gummihandschuhdudelsack" ("Rubberglovebagpipes")
2000-2002, duration app. 1 h
The sounds are those of speech and music; the language is that of music and sound. Objects normally used for cleaning--brushes, cloths, leather--are transformed into musical instruments. We generate sounds by improvising with these instruments and combine these sounds with sounds imported from self-made laptops and other sources and thus create compositions of both calculated and analogous sounds. Objects, machines, and body parts are filmed during the performance and projected onto a screen.

"tabak" ('tobacco')
2002, duration app. 1 h
Clouds of smoke and live electronics are the background for a dialogue narration (in german) about sound and smoke. Starting point is a historical detail about the invention of the tape machine, according to that cigarettes played a certain part in it. Between inhalation and imagination an analogue-digital speech piece arises.

"Stücke für präpariertes Maul" ('pieces for prepared mouth')
1999 ...
The series 'pieces for prepared mouth' is composed of short speech pieces. The organs of speech are manipulated in several (mechanical) ways leading to a special sound of the articulated words. The series is continuously completed by Sergej Mohntau and consists currently of seven 'pieces for prepared mouth'.

"little benny"
1999, Duration app. 20 min.
A musical object theatre for two electric guitars and battery run toys. Sounding stages are the two guitars -- a loud and sensational scene for the little toys. Every toy makes a specific sound, which is manipulated with analogue effects. A noisy midget musical with plastic and und electric motors.